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About Vision Decades

Vision Decades was founded in 2022 by the artist TIAEM aka. Tobias Manns. The vision to create a project that combines all levels of music, from the skill and production to the release, matured over many years (decades). Vision Decades is an all-round concept that combines a music label, skill training and coaching, studio productions as recording, mixing & mastering as well as radio shows, a music school with individual tutorials and DJ courses with each other.

The German Electronic Music Label stands for timeless and soulful Deep, Melodic, Progressive House and Techno. We love melodic music!

We have over 20 years of experience in music production and also have classical music training. This experience helps us, to carry out all projects professionally and quickly, as well as cost- effectively with a high market standard. For all projects we recommend making an appointment with personal advice in advance. It doesn’t matter whether it’s online, on phone or on site.

Our technology is constantly up to date. As soon as there are innovations, we adapt. Our studio is calibrated and acoustically processed and treated.

In our tutorials we use individual videos, live online tutorials and on- site training sessions to teach you, what you need to be able to make professionell music with Ableton live yourself.

About Vision Decades Record Label