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Cut N Glue [Vision Decades Artist]

Cut N Glue // Germany

Cut N Glue has a unique style characterized by playful melodies, gentle arpeggios, warm chord progressions, and a fondness for combining synthesizers and orchestral sounds, primarily in the genres of Deep House, Melodic House, and Techno.

His interest in creating music began in 1999 with the game “Music2000” on the PlayStation 1. In 2008, inspired by Paul Kalkbrenner and the film “Berlin Calling,” he started to see success with Ableton Live. His first official release came in 2011 on the OneMoon Records label. Following that, he had numerous additional releases in various genres, including SoundKleckse Records, Black Fox Records, WhoElse Music, DeepNow Records, Damm Records, Amber Blue Recordings, Oben Musik, Catatonic Records, City Of Drums, Tächno, and Ton liebt Klang.

In 2023, he has an impressive 98 releases under his belt and shows no signs of stopping. He prefers to produce his music outside of the studio, often working on his laptop and iPad. Throughout his career, he has also been involved in mixing and mastering, producing much of his work himself.

In 2022, he released various sample packs, templates, preset packs, and co-hosted contests in collaboration with the community platform in America, which focuses on mobile music production with the iPad. He has been actively supporting this community since then.

Cut N Glue ‘s Releases