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Deestopia [Vision Decades Artist]

Deestopia // Italy

Arturo and Alberto have known each other for many years. Their friendship began thanks to their shared passion for the Trance scene, as they were among the few DJs in their hometown experimenting with spinning Trance records.

In 2019, Arthesia (Arturo) and DalNulla (Alberto) decided to combine their forces and their love for Trance and Progressive music. They aimed to mix their different tastes and styles, with the desire to create fresh new music that goes beyond the sum of their individual skills. Arthesia vs DalNulla was launched.

Their first official release was “Indaco“, a summery and progressive track released on Alter Ego Progressive in September 2019. It was soon followed by the high-energy 132bpm track “Don’t Look Back“, released on Mike Push Studio.

Since then, they have released several other tracks spanning across the smooth sounds and lower bpm of the Progressive genre, as well as the faster rhythms and banging sounds typical of Trance records. They landed on incredible labels such as: Perfecto, UV, Pure Progressive and many others.

In 2020, they also started a monthly radio show called “Reaction Radio“, providing one hour of quality progressive and melodic sound. The show airs every first Thursday of the month on Trance Energy Radio at 17:00 GMT.

The born of Deestopia

Starting from 2022, they changed their project name to “Deestopia” with the aim of unifying and simplifying their brand, while creating a new identity for their progressive and melodic sound. Their sets are characterized by Progressive House, Melodic Techno, and Deep Trance sounds, encompassing both dark and melodic vibes.

Deestopia’s Releases